Thursday, March 31, 2011

GEEK, Are You? Hrmmmmm?

in this universe, people are categorized into different stereotypes: the athletes, the brats, the maarte, ang jejemon, academics, geeks and others.

each has their own support groups and fields of interests. athletes for example, spend all day training, talking about their game, going to the gym, flexing those biceps. what group do you belong to?

i am a geek. an eccentric person usually surrounded by eccentricities and weirdness. to us, weird is normal, crazy is a good thing, and we stand by in what we do no matter what other people say. geek, as differentiated from nerds, loves to be different. they don't seek the approval of those around them. they do what they want to do, and they do it well.

games, comics, movies are some of their favorite past times. a 20 year old geek buying comic books and spending his free time playing his ps3 is a bit weird for some people, but imagine a 30 year old doing it, a 40 year old? and yet, we see them in comic shops, or in game stores.

we are geeks, we love what we do! welcome to our life!