Monday, April 25, 2011

Green Lanterns Light

I've been very curious  the past few weeks about everything Detective Comics [DC] (with the exception of teen titans, which i have been collecting since 2000). I've been a Marvel Fan ever since.

I remember growing up to xmen, spiderman, incredible hulk, captain america. of course, superman and batman were also part of my childhood. but recently, as i have been once again hooked to the world of comics, i relaized that i know little about the whos and the whys in the DC world.

i was supposed to start with JLA (Justice League of America) but then my eyes were caught by the green covers displayed in the shelves. The Green Lanterns!

And since the  movie inspired by the comics is upcoming , i decided to pick the comics to educated myself. fortunately enough, the Green Lantern Series have an ongoing event called "The War of the Green Lanterns". the story is great, and new readers wont feel the need to actually read everything prior the event (though it would help a great deal to do so!)

confusing cover though, as hal and the rest of the human lanterns are clad in other colored suits (for further info, rush to your nearest comic book store!)

a quick summary, Green Lantern is about a Man chosen by a dying green lantern (well its ring) to replace  him as member of the green lantern corps. green lanterns are keepers of the peace, policemen of the universe, each green lantern is assigned to a specific sector of the universe.

Hal jordan, the 2nd  human lantern (following Alan Scott of JSA), along with other human lantern such as kyle stewart, kyle rayner and guy gardner have been overwhelmed by other green lanterns who have been controlled by a former guardian! they were forced to remove their rings (which btw is the source of their powers) and think of other ways to survive the green lantern onslaught. if you are intrested, green lantern comics books are available at all leading bookstores and comic stores (i get mine from Comic Odyssey, Robinson Galleria)

Follow the event in a 10-comic book series - from the Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and Green Lantern : Emerald Warriors. Now on its 5th comic!