Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fear Itself : Asgard out!

Recently, marvel unveiled its latest event called "Fear Itself". the story takes place right after the "Siege" wherein asgard was sent plummeting down to earth. with the city of the norse gods in ruins, the avengers exploited this opportunity to forge an alliance between man and god by helping rebuild the destroyed magical city.

meanwhile, the daughter of the 1st red skull called sin, rediscovered an ancient hammer that her father discovered. the hammer, under the protection of the nazi (wow!), granted sin powers and transformed her into an entity called skadi!

Odin, the all father has decided to leave earth and transfer to a different asgard, leaving earth with the problem of skadi and her minions. Who is then left to fend against the power of the gods in the hands of villains!

catch this 7 part series by marvel. Fear itself just released its second comic yesterday! grab your copies now!

"what has man ever given us but entertainment and dissapointment?" - Odin, Fear itself: Book One