Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Brightest Day.... and in Dark Cinema

The hype that the movie created urged me, a primarily marvel comic fan to actually pick up and buy green lantern comics at my comic book store. i chanced upon the event of the lanterns and was immediately drawn to its light.

Green lantern have given me such joy in print. i have committed myself to continuing the green lantern collection even if the hype dies.

yesterday, i set out to watch the movie version of the world i now fell in love with. thankfully, it was a bit early when i had my tickets reserved, and wont have to endure the lines that (again,) hype has created. but joyfully enough, majority of the people in line were actual fans, who wore green lantern shirts and their own power rings. i was a bit jealous as i had neither.

The movie introduction already gave the feel of the many sectors of the universe, the alien language already made me feel that the creators were serious in bringing out the entire world of GL. then there was Hal (Ryan Reynolds), and his humor. prior to watching the movie, i thought that ryan wasn't cut to wear the ring. (but seeing him here made me reconsider or refute my initial sentiment)

OA literally made my heart stop for a second or two. i wasn't expecting fancy, i was expecting the one portrayed in the movie. the guardians were excellent, and the portrayal and facial expressions were perfect (to my liking). i also appreciated the part when both Hal and Hector were undergoing and suffering with the changes happening to both of them, showed the last bits of humanity in hector, and the last bit of arrogance in hal. 

The Corps were perfect, though only three (or four if abin sur is counted) was shown in full detail. 

Parallax, wasn't exactly how i imagined it to be. but it turned out ok (but whats up with all the tentacle hype?) if im not mistaken, parallax looks like a wierd insectoid and not a guardian (was he/it a former guardian? i need to catch up on my GL Readings)

The Story was good. it explained to alot for non comic viewers like how hal is different (aside from his humanity) from all the other lanterns. and it is the one concept that stayed in my mind , as well as in the minds of others in the cinema (i heard them talking about it, on the way out) - that in order to defeat fear, one must overcome it.  as most of the green lanterns try to avoid fear or disregard it. Hal, as inspired by Carol chose to face his fear and defeat it.

Green Lantern delivered its promise of a must see movie. keep em coming DC! 


  1. I read Green Lantern comics before but I didn't like the movie after I watched it.

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